At Canna Catering we work long hours, and go the extra mile to make sure that our Medicinal products, not only work great, but taste great too! We help facilitate the process of medicating with clean, original recipes that are easy on the pallet. To ensure safety and sanitary practices, all our products are prepared by licensed food handlers, under professional conditions.

Chronic Tonic Drinks

Our fruit juices medicated with Ganja Glycerin. They come in 16oz bottles, and each drink contains 34mg of THC. 2 Strong Doses

Chronic Tonics come in three flavors:

Leisurely Lemonade

Compassion Fruit Punch

Grape Galaxy


Big Bud Brownie

Who said, medication should taste like medicine? The Big Bud Brownie is a delicious, cake like brownie containing 68mg of THC.

Canna Crispy Bars

Available in regular and fruity. Contains 57mg of THC. 2-3 Doses

OG Bar

A Caramel Canna Crispy Bar with a hard chocolate shell. Contains 57mg of THC. 2-3 Doses

Cookie OG

How do you take a decadent chocolate chip cookie, and make it even better? You dip it in chocolate. Contains 57mg of THC. 2-3 Doses

Lemon OG Bar - NEW!

The newest dessert in our OG line, we take a lemon cookie bar and dip it in a white chocolate shell. Contains 57mg of THC. 2-3 Doses

Cooking Products

Ganja Glycerin Drops

Ganja Glycerin is fat, alcohol, and concentrate free extract. Made with Kosher, vegan glycerin which is a sugar substitute used in cooking for diabetics. Use these water soluable drops to enhance a beverage like hot tea or coffee, or take them sublingually.

Canna Butter & Cannola Oil

With Canna Butter (340mg THC) or Cannola Oil (571mg THC), patients can take their medicine in their own hands, and do their own baking. These products come in 4oz. jars.